TETA Glass Mould produces all kind of IS, Press, Blow, TT, Borosilicate, Spinning and Stemware moulds and mould equipments for glass industry by using highest quality raw material.

TETA Glass Mould utilizes certificated European raw material and delivers the material certificate to its customer before mould production. TETA Glass Mould offers a longer mould life and better quality.

For the press moulds, TETA uses 1.4057 ESR (Electro Slag Remelted) stainless steel which is designed for Glass Moulds requiring good corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance and a high degree of polishibility. High internal cleanliness and homogeneity are provided by the ESR process.

TETA Glass Mould produces Press-Blow, Blow-Blow, NNPB types of IS from grey and nodular cast iron, alloy from non-ferrous metals and nickel alloy.

We are proud of supplying dimensionally stable, heat and wear resistant and longevous IS moulds.

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