A complete successful mould design is the cornerstone of glass production that helps our customers about decreasing production cost but also increasing product quality.

TETA Glass Mould prides itself on developing specific mould design for  IS, Press, Blow, TT, Borosilicate and Stemware  production techniques. During the mould design our large archive and hands on experience of our technical personnel  help to foresee probable problems which may occur in glass production.

Our reverse engineering capability and experience in glass mould design proved itself  in relief design. For the relief design, 3D scanning machine helps us to acquire desired relief studies over article. TETA Glass Mould is glad to have a coopertion with its customers in every stage of mould design and supply.

Mould Design​
Technical Office.​

We measure our success by our ability to meet our customer requirements cost effectively and on time .Our Design Team plays a key role in that effort. Therefore our design team utilizes most suitable CAD/CAM softwares for the glass mould design and production.