TETA Glass Mould, which was established in Istanbul, produces and develops glass moulds and spare parts to provide the needs of glass manufacturers all over the world and has core competence in tableware and hollow glass and attaches great importance to long-term sustainable customer relations and thus, it aims at boosting mutual cooperation responding to customer feedback and demands.


Quality Assurance



TETA Glass Mould implements and audits every step of ISO 9001. Our quality solutions ensure that our customers receive the best product, on time, at a reasonable price. We are flexible and responsive to our customers’ rapidly changing needs. One of our prominent advantage is consultation with our customers in choice of raw-material (steel) and optionally we procure certificated steel from european producers.

A complete successful mould design is the cornerstone of  glass production that helps our customers about decreasing production cost but also increasing product quality.

TETA Glass Mould prides itself on developing specific mould design for IS, Press, Blow, TT, Borosilicate and Stemware moulds. During the mould design our large archive and hands on experience of our technical personnel  help to foresee probable problems which may occur in glass production.


TETA Glass Mould supplies all kind of IS, Press, Blow, Borosilicate, Spinning and Stemware moulds and mould equipments for glass industry by using highest quality raw material.

TETA Glass Mould utilizes certificated European raw material and delivers the material certificate to its customer before mould production. TETA Glassmould offers a longer mold life and better quality.

2. Technical Colsuntancy

3. Design Support

1. Managed Glassmould Solutions